InstructorRobin MacDonald
TypeOnsite Course
Place6th Floor, Central 88 Building, 88 Des Voeux Road Central.
Price$200 - 750 HKD
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Mathematics has been a fundamental aspect of human learning throughout recorded history, but has been formalised and expanded upon since the time of the Ancient Greeks. It covers a wide range of topics from quantity, logic, statistical inference, or measurement of space and motion. We thus find mathematics overlapping with a multitude of other subjects, placing it firmly as a core academic discipline.

Here at ThinkAhead, we offer mathematics education at all levels, from solidifying basic, core skills at primary level, to statistical analysis and advanced calculus at A-level/IB Diploma. We pride ourselves on being able to guide students through every stage of their maths schooling, including IGCSEs, SATs, IB, A-levels and 11+/13+ tests for UK entrance examinations.