TypeOnsite Course
Place6th Floor, Central 88 Building, 88 Des Voeux Road.
Price$200 - 750 HKD
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Modern Biology is a vast and wide-ranging natural science, yet it at its core there are three basic unifying concepts that govern all research and study: All biologists recognise cells as being the basic unit of all life; genes as the fundamental unit of heredity, and evolution as the driving force of all progress and creation of new species.

Thinkahead are able to provide tuition in Biology appropriate to all ages. Primary school students benefit from our introductory courses in General Science. Older students may take courses in GCSE/A-level Biology, as well as Middle Years Programmes (MYP) and IB Diploma Biology. Some private schools require candidates to sit a Science entrance examination, our tutors at Thinkahead can provide the necessary prep for CEE 13+ and private school papers.