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15 Jun 2015

Welcome to ThinkAhead.Asia

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We are excited to announce the launch of our new website! There are many new features to be interested in… like the ability to get tutored online! Yes that’s right, we’re in the process of making all of our custom educational content available online for you and/or your child’s convenience!

All of our courses that are listed online are also available offline at our office: 12th floor, Well View Commercial Building, 10 Morrison Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.

Keep us bookmarked for more.

Lifelong learning creates global thinkers.

Our caring team at Thinkahead educates each student to their full potential. We stimulate our students to think critically and analytically as we customize our curriculum to the needs and abilities of each and every student. This bespoke approach nurtures our students’ unique abilities, aiding them to fulfil their true potential. The rich variety of Thinkahead’s developed teaching materials challenge and motivate our students. Not only do we teach the skills of the subjects but we spur each student to develop their intellectual curiosity; to engage in a deeper learning and so to achieve a more purposeful mindset. In so doing, students think independently by exploring global perspectives which leads to long term success. We cultivate relationships with all our students, inspiring them to learn and increase their confidence. To complement Thinkahead’s teaching, we provide guidance and mentoring in areas to suit students’ interests.

Thinkahead focuses on 1-1 and small class learning so the student gains a rich and engaging experience. We offer students help with their personal statements, interview skills, debating skills, school placement advice and exam invigilation services.

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